Common HR Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

Common HR Interview Questions:

The thought of sitting in front of a stone-faced panel of interviewers who are throwing all manner of tough questions at you can be quite intimidating.

It is a nail-biting moment that calls for thorough preparation.

Did you know that there are some common questions HR managers will ALWAYS ask you in the interview room?

These questions will likely appear for not just you but other candidates irrespective of their field.

So what are these questions and how do you respond effectively in order to stand out from the rest?

Tell us about yourself

This is absolutely no way you will escape this question. This is a question that the HR managers will ask you in order to assess who you are as a professional.

Many candidates go about answering this question the wrong way when they begin to explain issues that really don’t matter e.g. “I am a first born, I am married etc.”

While that is okay, it is irrelevant because it adds no value to your candidacy. Rather focus on who you are as a professional.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It is observed that when you are asked what your greatest strengths are, you tend to only focus on yourself e.g. “I am hardworking, skilled, detail-oriented etc.”

While these are great strengths, they really don’t communicate very much.

The secret is to express your skills in a way that shows how they contributed to organizational growth.

Never point put weaknesses that are in the job description. For instance, if the job wants someone who is good at working with a team, never say you cannot work with a team.

What have been your biggest career achievements?

This is the point, at which you sell yourself,

Avoid being general!

State specifically what achievements you have made, in what time span, your role in the achievement and how it benefited the organization.

Also tailor your response to the job description.

What is your desired salary

This is a question that many interviewees are petrified of because of the fear that they may state an exaggerated or understated figure.

Don’t always be quick to give an unreasonable figure but rather give a range that the HR managers can work with.

Also, indicate your willingness to negotiate.

5. Why should we hire you?

This is where you put your best foot forward!

Bring out your best skills and achievements and match them to the job description.

Please note that this is the point at which interviewers may ultimately decide to hire you or look for another candidate.

To sum it up,

You must not only work hard to prepare for an interview, but also work smart.

Understand that it is not just about answering interview questions but understanding what you are being asked.

It is also about ensuring that you have a good balance between your professional skills and soft skills in order to stand out from your competitors.

If you desire expert help in nailing an interview, we are here to help. Engage us through our interview coaching services and we will equip you on how you can stand out in the interview and secure that job!

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