Graduate Programme 2023 – Aspen

Graduate Programme 2023 – Aspen

Position Title: Business Analyst Trainee

The Business Analyst Trainee will be employed on a graduate programme to enhance their competencies in Analytics as the individual chosen will have this as their predominant interest.

They will go thru a sturdy education technique while being uncovered to developing simple reporting underneath supervision. They will be working underneath the training of an skilled analyst.

This person would be exposed to the various departments with BEX in order to gain Insight on the collaborative work required within the division.

The second level exposure would be to the Business in stages to align with the business support aspect of this role and understand where the role fits in within the organisation.


You will be exposed to the following:

  • Spending time with marketing- a week in each division, will be arranged with relevant head
  • Basic business analytics – look at interactions within Business Excellence and how the various teams fit in and collaborate
  • Training provide on data sets and required to complete basic data extracts
  • Gain an understanding of Source data vs models created
  • Meeting with External departments involved
  • Exposure to BI department to understand how data is incorporated into useful models for the business
  • Assistance on work whilst learning
  • Accompanying meetings
  • Generating simple reports


Must have a completed Degree in:

  • Engineering
  • B.Com
  • B.Bus Science
  • BSc. Computer Science

Skills and Competencies:

  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel and PowerPoint
  • Basic skills in effective communication verbally and in writing with diverse groups including business associates, technical associates.
  • The ability to interact with colleagues.
  • Critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

How to Apply

Graduate Programme 2023 – Aspen

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