How to answer important questions in Interview

During the interview there are questions that the panelists ask in order to get the important information they need from the prospective employee.

Sometimes these questions are difficult but if the interviewer can answer them correctly it gives him a great chance to be called to the job.

In this article we will look at some of these questions and how to answer them correctly, please lets go through the end of this article.

How much do you think we should pay you?

It is true that you are looking for a job to earn money and improve your life. In this question be careful don’t show them that you after money, instead show them that your more interested with job. You can say like this “ as we know that the opportunities of promotion in company is almost endless, I believe that by considering my ordinary experience and qualification I have I  will accept standard offer you will provide”

Comprehension questions and job skills

You may be asked questions that test your common sense of familiar things. But you may also be asked questions that are relevant to the job you have applied for. The bottom line is how you can reflect the theory of things in your work environment.

For example, you have applied for an accounting job and then you have been asked to assume in your office that a money laundering incident has taken place. Or you have applied for a job as an administrator, and now you hear that your subordinates want to strike, what will you do?

Your Future Goals

You may be asked what you see yourself doing for the next several years. Here’s how becoming a specialist is one of the fastest ways to grow your successful business. Talk about plans to learn more about achieving the company’s larger goals. Talking about goals that are not in line with the job you have applied for will reduce your score.

How long will you work with us:

It is possible to have a plan to work for short period and then leave, but you should not show that you have plans to leave or quit for a while, but show that you would like to work as long as the institution needs you.

What good dreams do you have for the future?

If you mention a job other than the one you are applying for, realize that you will be worrying employers in believing you to stay with them for a long time. Talk about work environment without specifying specific job. For example a job that makes you use the talents and skills you have at the moment.

When are you ready to start work?

If you do not have a job, saying you are ready to start work immediately shows the readiness you have. But if you have a job, show you need a short time to hand over responsibilities and say goodbye this will give you a score.

Do you have any questions for us?

Usually after being asked a lot of questions the simplification session will be adjourned by inviting you to ask a question, the goal is to know how you are motivated to want to work with the institution. Here you have to ask a question that is relevant to the institution, ask them what they expect from the person who will get the job. Avoid asking questions of interest such as what will you pay me for? This will show that you do not have a broad view of the job; you may not be answered or given an answer that will not satisfy you at al.