How good relationships at workplace is important

One of the reasons why many employees quit their jobs in private organizations is having bad relationships with their bosses. Basically many studies show that, in despite dissatisfaction with job interests, many employees quit their jobs because of the existence of unhealthy relationships with their employers.

As in the street, there are people you can’t satisfy no matter how good you treat them but in the end they will still see you as an enemy to them, so in the offices there are bosses even if you work very hard you will still not look good at all.

However, you should know that people do not always create hatred for you because they do not like you; sometimes the behavior you have can make you jealous of people in one way or another and eventually put you in a bad relationship with people.

Too often in the workplace employers have become selfish by failing to focus on what exactly the employees need or want to get from the administration. On the other hand, the vast majority of employees in their workplaces fail to adhere to the rules and regulations of the profession. So things like this and others  example of these lead to the division of team unity in the workplace.

Many employers often think about how it can be done to increase the productivity of a company without considering those who make these things a direct success. The fact is that poor workplace relationships have a profound effect on the losses, such as lack of motivation for employees, stress, absenteeism and retiring.

To avoid all of this it is the responsibility of the employer and the employee to ensure that they have good relations in the workplace to increase work efficiency and productivity for the company.