How to increase Google Adsense earnings

How to increase Google Adsense earnings: Every blogger / publisher dreams of getting enough traffic to earn good money from google, but it should be remembered that the one who works hard is the one who will get the best results.

In fact, you can’t make enough money in the short term as you think, if you dream of making money from Google adsense you have to spend a lot of time especially on preparing Contents that is completely unique to get enough readers. Although there are a number of ways in which you can help make sure readers are easily accessible, for example preparing contents for anything you love then share up on social media such as Facebook and so on.

Sometimes you will hear people say that making money through the internet is easy but the truth is that any business you do in this world needs enough time to be successful, making enough legitimate money through Google it will takes you about six months to a year for a beginner blogger.

How to increase Google Adsense earnings
How to increase Google Adsense earnings

However, there are various ways in which you can help increase your income day by day if you work it out properly; to understand those ways please read this article to the end as they are all described here as follows.

Genuine Traffic

What is the meaning of Genuine and Real Traffic? In short genuine traffic is readers of various information or contents posted on Google who read that information through a search engine without going through other social networks.  If you find readers like this then know that they are very good at increasing your Google earnings, and the more they come in and read your information the more your revenue will be boost ,this is because readers of this type are not forced or persuaded to read the information you post on Google

Profitable niche

What is Niche? Is anything’s that can be defined by its own unique needs, preferences or identity that makes it different. So before starting this career it better to think more widely that what things you are interesting and how you will make it different from others so as to attract reader to visits your site. Niche is one most important fact that is extremely impact on your Google Adsense Earning.Before coming into blogging field or starting your website ,first of all do keen research on Keywords and find out better and more revenue niche keyword for your website.On thing always keep in mind that didn’t estimate your adsense earning with other website’s or their traffic because if there are running a totally different niche website then your Google Adsense earning will not be same as his.

Don’t put much ad units

Google allows it’s publishers to put multiple ad units at per page of their website but that’s not a good thing for your user experience with Google Adsense.By putting more and more ad units of Adsense in your website will be cause of bad effect on visitors and they will try to run away from your website by knowing your greediness by overloading your whole webpage with Advertisements.Always try to balance your ads with your blog content.

Put a Best theme for Adsense Ads

Putting a unique and valuable theme for your website for Displaying Google Adsense Ads is one major’s best way to put your Adsense Ads where you want to show in your website rather then manipulating the whole template by inserting codes into it.By applying more suitable theme for your website can be at of helpful in giving the right shape to ads in your website and Boosting Adsense Earning.

Place Ads where mostly people see

Displaying Ads at the right place where they attract visitors attention is best strategy for increasing Google Adsense Earning.Whenever a visitor come to your blog if you have placed the Ads at right and more visible place then it’s eyes firstly look at that ad and also click on it to know what it is about for and in this way there are more chances of boosting adsense earning increased.

Focus at one Configuration

Always Focus on your Google Adsense Commercial one Configuration.Taking one Setting as for larger part can be useful consequently.This practice is best in term of Google Adsense will also be noticed about that point.However , this case will be result as getting more High CTR.So you might think that why you have to chose only one configuration inspite of numerous which you can also utilize.

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