How to Request the SARS Confirmation Letter

How to Request the SARS Confirmation Letter

The South African Revenue Service presently gives the Tax Compliance Status machine following the give up of the printed Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC) provider in 2019. (TCS).

The TCS serves as a tax affirmation to extend compliance whilst helping taxpayers in managing their affairs.

Your typical tax compliance is proven as of the time and date of viewing. Everything you want to understand about receiving a SARS affirmation letter is protected in this post.

SARS Confirmation Letter

If you are moving abroad permanently, you must complete the tax emigration process, after which the South African Revenue Service (SARS) will issue a letter confirming your non-residency in terms of taxation.

The letter is evidence that a person is no longer a South African tax resident.

The non-residence letter’s hard copy confirmation confirms your exclusion from tax residency and is valid indefinitely.

Even though your foreign income is exempt, you will still be taxed on the money you continue to earn in South Africa.

To receive the farewell letter from the tax authority, you must first go through the emigration process with SARS.

To prove that you have formally altered your tax status, you must get a letter from SARS confirming your non-resident status.

You will still be required to pay your taxes in South Africa even if you don’t have this letter.

How Can I Get a Tax Confirmation Letter from SARS?

The TCS system enables the taxpayer to grant any third party permission to use an electronic access PIN to check SARS eFiling’s compliance status. To verify TCS using SARS eFiling, adhere to the instructions listed below.

⦁ Log in to eFiling: In order to use the TCS verification online, you must be a registered user of eFiling. The representative taxpayer or eFiling administrator are examples of authorized individuals who have the power to activate the service.
⦁ Set the TCS verification service to active: Once you’ve completed activation, you can create additional user groups after logging in. Select “Tax Status Verification” by clicking on the tab labeled “Tax Status.” Finish the activation process.
⦁ Analyze the taxpayer’s TCS: Take note of the taxpayer’s PIN and tax reference number and select “New Verification Request” from the menu. Verify the information by confirming it.

The taxpayer’s compliance will be color-coded after you have verified the data to indicate if the tax affairs are in compliance.

Red indicates that the tax affairs are out of order, while green indicates that the taxpayer is in compliance. The verification can be printed out for your records.

Are SARS letters available online?

The SARS letter or Notice of Registration (IT150) is available online through eFiling. To obtain your IT150, connect into your eFiling account and select the “Notice of Registration” button from the homepage.

Through the eFiling website, EFilers can access all SARS correspondence, including letters and notices pertaining to Income Tax returns (ITR12).

The correspondence is accessible through eFiling profiles for people, businesses, and tax professionals.

The steps below can be used to view letters and notices from SARS in your eFiling profile:
  1. “Returns,” “SARS Correspondence,” and “Search Correspondence” should be clicked afterward.
  2. The “Search Correspondence” screen appears with a bewildering array of possibilities. No correspondence is displayed if no return was filed.
  3. Choose the pertinent dates.
  4. The list appears on the screen once you select the correspondence you want to view.
You can find the following letters and notices on the SARS Correspondence Tab:
Evaluation letter

The first and second operations starting with the letter “O” (Revision failed letter)
final operational requirements 1 and 2
external letter
Letter of first enforcement
Engagement letter \sFindings letter
letter of auto-finalization
request for supplementary materials

The SARS Certificate Download Process

Taxpayers should be aware that failure to comply can result in fines and interest. By following the instructions below, you can receive your Tax Compliance Status through SARS eFiling.

⦁ Log in to eFiling: To access your account if you have registered as an eFiler, log in using your name and password.
⦁ One tax product, such as Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), income tax, or value-added tax, is required (VAT). The Tax Compliance Status service must be activated on your profile.
⦁ Activate the TCS: Tax professionals and eFiling administrators for businesses should make sure to grant the appropriate permissions to users who require access to the tax compliance status. You will have access to “My Compliance Profile” as soon as you activate the Tax Compliance Status, and it will remain active.

View “My Compliance Profile”: To view your tax compliance, choose “My Compliance Profile” from the menu. SARS will assess your compliance with the four conditions listed below.

  1. You are registered and active for the specific tax items, according to your registration status.
  2. Make sure you have no pending returns after the filing deadline before submitting your return.
  3. Debt: Verify that you don’t have any unpaid tax debts with SARS.
  4. All necessary supporting documentation should be submitted, as requested by SARS.

Your compliance status is displayed via color coding in your “My Compliance Profile.” Green denotes compliance and an orderly tax situation.

You must keep moving in this direction.

Red, on the other hand, indicates that you are not in compliance and must take the necessary steps to resolve any problems related to your tax affairs.

You must take proactive actions to prevent non-compliance from incurring penalties and interest.

You must be sure to file all of your returns on time in order to be in compliance with the tax laws.

Through SARS eFiling, you may determine your compliance status. If you intend to emigrate your tax, you must obtain a SARS confirmation letter.

How to Request the SARS Confirmation Letter