How to Transfer Data on Cell C – South Africa 2023/2024

How to Transfer Data on Cell C – South Africa 2023/2024

Cell C information switch permits you to ship and get hold of information bundles from family, friends, and almost anyone.

It ability your shut pals will in no way run out of statistics again. This is a integral method to constantly continue to be shut and connected.

So, how precisely do you ship and obtain data? In this post, we’ll appear at the many strategies for transferring information over the Cell C network, all of which are simple to implement.

Transferring Data From Cell C to Cell C

The three major ways of data exchange are mentioned here, with simple procedures.

  • Within the Cell C app
  • Making use of the USSD code
  • On the web portal for self-service

How to Transfer Data Using the Cell C App

To get started, download the Cell C app from your Google Play Store, iOS App Store, or Huawei App Gallery and follow the steps outlined below.

Log in to the app on your mobile device and go to the dashboard’s main menu.
Click the “Service” button, then the “Send Data” button.
Then input the amount you wish to send, as well as the phone number of the data recipient.
Then, press the “Continue” button.
The beneficiary will be credited immediately, while your data balance will be debited.

How to Use the USSD Code to Transfer Data

*147# is the USSD code for data transfer. Follow the steps below to get started.

Dial the code from your phone and choose option 3 “Send Data and Airtime.”
Next, choose option 1 “Send Data.”
Then enter the recipient’s phone number or choose from your list of beneficiaries.
Next, choose the bundle from which you want to transfer data and enter the amount you want to transmit.
Confirm the information you’ve given by clicking the “Continue” button.
Your information will be removed, and the credit alert will be sent to the recipient.

How Do I Transfer Data Using the Cell C Web Portal’s Self-Service?

Follow the procedures below to transfer data via the Cell C web interface.

Navigate to “My Bundle” and select “Send Data.”
Then select the package from which you want to choose.
Next, enter the quantity of data you wish to share.
Enter the phone number of the person who will receive the transferred data and press the “Continue” button.
Data is deducted promptly, and the receiving end receives an alert.

What are the Data Transfer Terms and Conditions on Cell C?

You can transfer your purchased data bundle to pre-selected recipients on your phone as a Cell C Postpaid, Prepaid, or Top-Up subscriber. Surprisingly, you can share your data as many times as you want, but it cannot be returned to you.

However, in order for you to transfer data over the Cell C network, the Cell C network providers require you to agree to specific terms and conditions. The following are the terms and conditions for transferring data bundles to other Cell C subscribers.

Customers Who Are Transferable
Consumers on Postpaid, Prepaid, TopUp, and Upfront Cell C plans can only transfer to customers on the same plan.
Customers can transfer to another active Cell C number on the network.

The Only Bundle That Can Transfer Data
Daily data packages
30-day data packages
Night data bundles are available on a daily and monthly basis.
365-day data bundle Inclusive data bundle
Cell C Data Transfer Limitations
1GB monthly transfer for one user
There are no fees for each transfer made, and each customer is limited to three transactions each day.
The transferred data has the current expiry date and no date extension.
Data is transferred several times.
Transferred data rollover, as long as the bundle supports rollover.
The individual transmitting the data receives confirmation, as does the receiver.
On Cell C, the data bundle is not transferable.
Prepaid data plans such as Easy Chat (MegaData) and SuperCharge
SmartData promotional data such as data value and night data
Customers are provided free data as part of voice and data contracts, which might be monthly or one-time.
Important Information About Cell C Data Sharing
Based on the facts provided above, keep in mind that you can only share 1GB of data per month. And you can only do it three times per day. As a result, it’s preferable if you share your info with friends and family members who will appreciate your generosity.

Is it possible to transfer data from Cell C to MTN?

Do you want to share your data bundle with friends and family on the MTN network? Unfortunately, this is not possible because the two network providers are entirely separate entities. Because their data bundles and rates differ, you cannot share your Cell C data with anyone who uses MTN.

Is it possible to transfer data from Cell C to Telkom?

There is no such data bundle available for transfer to the Telkom network from the Cell C network provider. Transferring data from one network to another is impossible due to differences in pricing and promotions.Data Transfer – Share your Data Extender Bundle 2023

On Cell C, how do you convert night data to day data?

Cell C night data is intended to be used between the hours of 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. However, if you do not use up your entire data bundle before the time limit expires, you may have to forfeit your Cell C data balance. On the Cell C network, night data cannot be transformed to day data.

However, Cell C network providers have been so considerate that they have made available a smart data plan that allows its customers to surf the internet both at night and during the day at a reasonable cost.

The SmartData plan contracts provide FREE night data. You can get the smart data deal for whatever amount you want.

How to Transfer Data on Cell C – South Africa 2023/2024