Is legal Career right for me

Is legal Career right for me: We consider that reading Law at University is one of the most stimulating and pleasurable guides you may also undertake. We say this from journey as regulation students, who are deeply passionate about the purpose of Law and its plain magnitude for a flourishing society.

However, such statements are naturally subjective. Every character excels in their very own self-discipline relying the place their abilities lie, and whether or not they are inclined to devote to challenging work. You ought to make certain that Law is certainly the proper preference for you. In this Guide, we searching for to discover some of the questions that you need to be asking of yourself in order to decide whether or not you will locate Law as thrilling as we do.

Choosing law as a career can be rewarding and exciting but it also requires hard work, dedication and a high level of commitment.

The legal industry in Africa is exceptionally competitive and there are many different career paths to choose from.

Our legal experts at Robert Walters have highlighted the basic career options available.

Legal career options in Africa

There are various career options for lawyers in Africa – you can either be admitted as an attorney and/or as an advocate. Attorneys will have good working knowledge of all aspects of the law. They work in law firms and are the initial legal contact for a client with a legal dispute or problem.  

Choosing law as a career can be rewarding and exciting but it also requires hard work, dedication and a high level of commitment.

Attorneys brief advocates if the matter is referred to court and is not able to be settled on the papers.  Attorneys in Africa are also able to appear in court and represent clients should they have their right of appearance which can be applied for.  

Advocates specializes in specific legal fields and will argue legal matters in front of a judge should the matters be referred to court for argument and/or hearing.

In-house vs private practice

However, law graduates, once admitted as attorneys and with the required post qualification experience usually end up becoming in-house legal advisors within a legal department of a company or working within a private practice law firm.

In-house legal work usually gets outsourced to legal professionals who are within private practice.

There is no right or wrong answer in terms of which is a better career move as both in-house and private practice roles offer different elements and pros and cons. You will find many arguments for and against both options.

If you would like to discuss your career in more detail, please contact our legal recruitment team and they will be happy to talk to you.

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