Job interview tips|What changes would you like to bring in our organization?

Remember to answer each interview question behaviorally, whether it is a behavioral question or not.

The interviewer is asking this question to see if you are able to objectively assess areas for improvement at your workplace.

Select an area where there is an opportunity for change, ideally one where you have gotten involved in a positive way to help bring about or facilitate positive change.

Think of it as a positive opportunity to further demonstrate the value you offer.

Remember that your hiring manager wouldn’t ask this question if he didn’t want you to actually answer it with a thoughtful, constructive response.

It is better to research the company beforehand because you don’t actually work there yet.

So it may be difficult to provide suggestions and ideas, without having all of the details of their goals, their capabilities, and how exactly they operate.

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Let the interviewer know. If there is no need to make changes, do your research to make sure that policies and rules are being followed by the employees, and that they are creating a positive working environment and make the business a success.

Once you know of a weakness within the company, you can develop strength points according to your list of priorities.

Note – General Tips:

– Don’t Panic. Start With a Compliment.

– Identify weakness in their rules and policies.

– Researching the department or process you are being interviewed for.

– Don’t make empty promises. Source: AjiraLeo Tanzania

– Remember to answer interview question behaviorally

– Do not skip this question. Highlight your skills that could help in bringing changes.

– Check out the Job responsibilities they are looking for or research the company’s website.

– Try to identify the aspects where the company is lacking.

– Mention about a proactive long-term strategy.

– Focus on growth.

– End with the best conclusion.

Answer 1: First thing, I would learn and expertise the process and companies vision mission and goal. Simultaneously, on the other hand, I would work on creating a bonding with the team.

Because I believe that making a change or bringing success is possible only after getting to know the team members and their current issues by stepping into their shoes.

So gradually as I expertise the process and spend time with my team, I’m sure as a team will make a huge positive difference to the program by bringing up the stats.