Jobs interview Tips: What did you dislike about working at your former employer? 

Jobs interview Tips:

Alternative Question: How would you describe the highlights and lowlights of your current work life?

The question is intended to discover whether you able to be realistic about your relations with other workers, and how you handle it.

If your response is always “there is nothing I dislike” then you are portraying yourself as someone who is either unrealistic about their workplace relations.

 Most of the candidates in interview may find something they don’t like about their previous boss, but now isn’t the time to expound on it, or even to mention it.

It is an interesting interview question for hiring managers because it can reveal a lot about a candidate, both good and bad.

So, there should always be a diplomatic response. No hiring manager wants to hire a complainer, there is too much to get done.

 Do not answer in a negative tone or focus too much on the things you hate. Interviewer would be much excited to know your ability to change negative to positive scenario.

Key Tips:

  • Doesn’t answer like, “I hated that jerk! He was so lazy and never was around!”.
  • State what it is that you like about your manager and that you would not be happy if you didn’t have it.
  • Do not answer in a negative tone or focus too much on the things you hate
  • Try not to mention a dislike for something that is common at the company that you are interviewing for.
  • Turn the negative into a positive.
  • You should ignore the negative side of this question completely.


 It was a great opportunity to work with all qualified teams at my former employer, but the thing which i dislike most is that I was not challenged enough at my work.

The former employer was the best place for entry level staffs, but after working for longer tenure, i felt like i was not completely challenged at my work, as compare to my capability and ability

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