Matokeo Al-Hilal vs Saint George 18 September 2022 CAF Champions League

Matokeo Al-Hilal vs Saint George 18 September 2022 CAF Champions League

Al Hilal Sudan
Al Hilal Educational Club, known as Al Hilal Omdurman or simply Al Hilal, is a Sudanese football club based in Omdurman that competes in the Sudan Premier League.

Stadium : Al Hilal vs Saint George 18 September 2022
Arena/Stadium: Al Hilal Stadium

Founded: February 13, 1930, Omdurman, Sudan

Saint George Sports Club, also called Kidus Giorgis (in Amharic: , Kidus Giorgis Sport Club), is a professional football team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. They play in the Ethiopian Premier League, which is the top level of football in Ethiopia. The club was the first one in Ethiopia. It was started in 1935 as a sign of Ethiopian nationalism and resistance against fascist Italy’s occupying forces.

Establishment and the Patriotic Struggle in History (1935-44)

In December 1935 (Taa 1928 E.C. ), George Ducas and Ayale Atnash started the Arada Kidus Giorgis (Saint George) Football Club. The club was named after the Addis Abeba neighborhood where it started, which is called Arada or “Arada Giorgis.” Students from Ducas’ and Atnash’s schools, Teferi Mekonnen and Kidus Giorgis (Saint George), were the first people to play for the club. [2]

The club was started when Fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia, and it quickly became a symbol of Ethiopian nationalism while Italy ruled the country.

The patriotic struggle of the 1930s left a mark on both the club and the Arada neighborhood that will last for centuries. People often think that this neighborhood played a big role in the club’s history. People say that St. George only had two Tegera Birr, one ball, goal posts, and a stamp to start with.

The police in Arada made it hard for the club to play football on local fields, so they had to move around a lot. In one case, members of the club tried to take goal posts to “Filwehameda,” which is now next to the Custom Authorities Head Office, but they were chased away by authorities. Even when they tried to play “Aroge Kera” on the “Etege Menen” field, angry local villagers chased them away. Then they went to the village of “Belay Zeleke” or “Zebegna Sefer,” but the police from Arada came and drove them away again.