SACCCS Bursaries

About Sacccs

SACCCS   was founded in 2009 in South Africa.  South African Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage (SACCCS) is a division of the South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI), a Schedule 3A State-Owned Entity of the Department of Energy. SACCCS is mandated by the Government to investigate the feasibility and undertake technical and human development of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in South Africa.

CCS is one of the eight Near-Term Flagship Programmes in the National Climate Change Response Strategy White Paper released by the Department of Environmental Affairs in 2011. The CCS Roadmap was endorsed by the South African Cabinet in 2012. 


  • To be the leading authority for all CCS related activities in South Africa.


  • To prepare and promote the construction and operation of a safe and reliable Carbon Capture and Storage Demonstration Plant in South Africa by developing in-country human and technical Capacity.


  • Implementing work programmes to enable the design and implementation and operation of a CCS Pilot Carbon Dioxide Storage Project;
  • Engaging with Stakeholders to promote alignment of SACCCS strategy and objectives; establishing new, and leveraging existing international linkages to advance the work and activities of SACCCS;
  • Raising funds for the SACCCS and later, for more commercially oriented CCS activities (test injection and demonstration plant; 
  • Develop understanding of CCS, key concepts, subsurface storage and key issues;
  • Place CCS in the context of South African climate change mitigation, energy/coal production and use amongst others; and
  • Outline the benefits and potential risks of demonstration and deployment of the CCS technology in South Africa. 

SACCCS Bursaries

As an aim to improve the energy research and development human capital available to the country, the South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage (SACCCS) invites students to apply for academic financial support in the form of the bursary. Bursaries are available to Honours, Masters and Doctorate students in the field of research-based studies and are subject to SACCCS bursary conditions failure to comply will result to the withdrawal of the bursary.

The Bursary will be awarded for one year only for full-time study and should be renewed according to SACCCS decision based on the availability of funds and the grantee’s academic results.

SACCCS Bursary Requirements and Eligibility

South African citizen

Full-time student at the university/university of technology

Students who wish to pursue a career in the fields related to Carbon Capture and Storage

How to Apply and Application Details

Download and complete the SACCCS bursary application form.

Accompany your application with certified copies of the following documents:


Matric certificate

Academic record

University/University of Technology proof of registration

Submit application by post or by email:

Post: P O Box 786141, Sandton, 2146


Closing Date

None. Open annually.

Bursaries applications can be submitted throughout the year, as this bursary does not have an appointed time of closing date.

Contact Details

Ms. Evelyn Nyandoro / Mr. Thabo Mosia
Phone: 011 038 4315/4389
Address: South African Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, Block C, 152 Ann Crescent Street Snadton
Post: P O Box 786141, Sandton, 2146
Email: /

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