Simba Cement Job Vacancies 2024/2025

Simba Cement Job Vacancies 2024/2025

Simba Cement Company, Is the manufacturing company based in Tanga Tanzania. Its Regional Headquarters is in Tanga. Tanga region is situated at the extreme north-east corner of Tanzania between 40 and 60 degrees below the Equator and 370-39010′ degrees East of the Greenwich meridian. The region occupies an area of 27,347sq kms, being only 3% of total area of the country.

The region is bordered to the north by Kenya and Kilimanjaro Region, to the East by the Indian Ocean, to the South by Pwani and Morogoro regions, and to the West by Manyara Region.

The Region was previously known as Tanga Province, which, however, included the Same and Mwanga districts which are at present in Kilimanjaro Region.

Administratively, Tanga Region is divided into seven districts: Tanga, Muheza, Korogwe, Lushoto, Handeni, Pangani and kilindi. The region has a total of 37 divisions. 136 wards and 557 villages.

The Regional Administrative Secretary is the Chief Executive in the region assisted by District Executive Directors at district level and other functional officers; while the Regional Commissioner is the administrative overseer and represents the President in the region.

Tanga Cement PLC believes that for employees to play their full role in the achievement of the Company’s business objectives, there should exist an on going comprehensive and effective training and development process at all levels.

The company therefore invests in personal and professional development from the start of an individual’s career.

The periodic People Forum is part of the on going process of evaluating people’s performance and identifying their potential to meet the Company’s targets.

Tanga Cement PLC makes use of on-the-job training, mentoring, coaching, exchange programs within Group Companies, corporate programs, and also formal external training programs to help employees develop the required skills.

Company Offer opportunities for the following Fields,