Steps of How to turn off a Google Pixel phone, restart it, and lock it

Steps of How to turn off a Google Pixel phone, restart it, and lock it

Once you have already converted from an iPhone to a Pixel, the learning curve may be fairly shallow. Aside from the features, you may need to become accustomed to the Power menu and how it operates. In this guide, we will examine how to use the power menu on a Google Pixel phone to switch it off, restart, or lock it.

Android’s power menu, unlike iOS, provides a variety of options and, most crucially, a restart button. Android 12, one of the most recent Android upgrades, brought a handful of new options to the power menu, which slightly improves the overall user experience.’

Steps of How to turn off a Google Pixel phone, restart it, and lock it

Stop, restart, and lock a Google Pixel

To access the power menu on your Android device, press and hold the power button for two seconds. The menu’s appearance may vary based on the Android version you’re using.

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How to Power Down a Google Pixel Mobile Device

Tap the Power off button after depressing and holding the power button for two seconds, until the menu appears. If your Pixel’s power button is malfunctioning, consider the following solutions. Android provides a great deal of freedom due to its open-source nature. If you find yourself in a bind owing to hardware or software updates, there is often a remedy available online.

Restarting a Google Pixel Phone

Hold the power button for two seconds to restart a Google Pixel phone. Finally, tap the restart button in the menu. If your Pixel smartphone appears to be frozen, press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds. It should then restart automatically.

How to lockdown a Google Pixel Phone

The Lockdown feature is easily confused with the power button lock. While the latter locks your screen while still displaying alerts in ambient mode, Lockdown entirely locks your phone and prevents you from unlocking it using any other method (Fingerprint sensor, Face unlock, etc.) save for the device’s lock pin.

Similar to when you restart your Pixel device, you won’t be able to unlock it with your fingerprint, nor will you be able to view incoming notifications if ambient display is enabled.

It’s time for Google to add Bootloader and Fastboot choices.

Pixel 6 fastboot mode

Custom ROMs for Android include a great feature that allows users to add two extra options to the power menu. These alternatives include Bootloader and Fastboot.

To begin with, they let booting into Android recovery mode and Fastboot mode. This interface allows you to send commands from your computer. Enabling them automatically upon activation of Developer Options would make it easier for enthusiasts to do troubleshooting tasks.

Turn your Pixel phone on & off

You can turn your phone on and off with the top button on the right side. See where your Power button is located on your phone.

Turn your power on or off

  • To turn on your phone when it’s powered off, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
    • On Pixel 6 & later, press and hold the Power button until you feel a buzz (up to 7 seconds in some situations).
  • To power off your phone when it’s turned on:
    • On Pixel 5a & earlier, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds. Then, on your screen, tap Power off Power.
    • On Pixel 6 & later, to power off your phone, press and hold the Power and volume up buttons for a few seconds. Then, on your screen, tap Power off Power.

Tip: Before you turn on your phone, charge it. Learn how to charge.

Turn your screen off and back on

To turn your screen on and off while your phone’s turned on, press the Power button once.

Tip: On some Pixel phones, you can see the time and some other info even when your screen is off. Learn which Pixel phones and how to turn “Always show time & info” off or on.

Restart (reboot)

  1. Restart your phone.
    • On Pixel 5a and earlier: Press your phone’s Power buttonfor about 30 seconds, or until your phone restarts.
    • On Pixel 6 and later: Press and hold the Power and Volume up buttons for a few seconds.
  2. Tap Restart Steps of How to turn off a Google Pixel phone, restart it, and lock it.

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