Ten (10) signs you should change job

Below are 10 signs that your job isn’t a good fit for you anymore, and it’s time to consider how you can either improve the issues or think about leaving.

Nic Sephton-Poultney, Country Manager at Robert Walters says, “If a few of these signs apply to you and your job, then you may want to consider leaving.”

You’re frequently stressed, negative, and/or miserable at work. If you get anxious or unhappy just thinking about work and dread going to work every morning, it might be time to move on.
Your work-related stress is affecting your health. When work starts affecting your health it might be time to consider a move.
You lack enthusiasm – you’ve lost your passion for your job and the daily feeling of excitement has gone.
Your company is going under – do something about it before you go down with it.
You really dislike the people you work with and/or your boss. Try to work out the issues you’re having with colleagues or your manager—but know that sometimes they’re not fixable.
You’re no longer productive at work . If your work performance is suffering, even though you’re more than capable of doing the job, you might want to start looking for new work.
If a few of these signs apply to you and your job, then you may want to consider leaving.
Your skills are not being recognised. If your boss doesn’t acknowledge that you have more to offer, other people are getting the promotion you deserve, or attempts to take on more challenging assignments have failed, you should think about looking for a new opportunity.
Your responsibilities have changed/increased, but your salary hasn’t. Sometimes there’s a good reason for this but if your company has downsized but your team is doing double the amount of work, but certainly nowhere near double compensation, it may be time to move on.
You are experiencing verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or are aware of any type of other illegal behaviour. If you’re the victim of bullying, sexual harassment or other illegal behaviour, you should certainly keep an eye out for other positions, regardless of what corrective measures you’re taking.
You don’t fit in with the corporate culture and/or you don’t believe in the company anymore.

Whatever the issue, if you feel you don’t have the same moral values as your employer, and it’s an uncomfortable workplace setting, it may be time to find a new job where you do feel you fit in.
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