The Best Way to Say No in Interview

Before going for an interview, it is important to conduct a thorough research about the company.

Your research should tell you things such as what the culture is, what to expect, the type of management, growth opportunities, and everything that matters.

Suddenly, you come to know that the company culture doesn’t meet your expectation. Now that you have already established that you will not be attending an interview, it is rude to just fail to show up on the interview day.

You might want to apply for a job in that same company someday so it is best to keep your relationship cordial. Write an email as soon as possible and let the interviewer know that you will not attend the interview.

It is good to acknowledge the fact that the interviewer took the time to review your application and considered you a good fit.

Therefore, make sure you acknowledge this. It is okay to let the interviewer know that you would be interested in future opportunities if the chance arises.

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