Top 10 High CPC Keywords in India for 2023

Top 10 High CPC Keywords in India for 2023

If you want to earn money through AdSense, i mean that if you are beginner in this career of google AdSense you need to make enough research on which keyword you should go through it to make money in a short term.

in this article we are going to high light the most keyword which paid good in India but also you can use it to work with it in other country your planning to open your website.

You pay for each click on your adverts when you use cost-per-click (CPC) bidding. If you’re not utilizing Enhanced CPC or making bid modifications, you set a maximum cost-per-click bid, also known as “max. CPC,” which is the most you’re willing to spend for a click on your ad.

Your maximum CPC is the most you’ll normally pay for a click, however you’ll frequently pay less, sometimes significantly less. Your actual CPC is the final click fee that you are assessed.

A click on your advertisement won’t cost you more than the maximum CPC bid amount you specified if you submit a maximum CPC bid.
You can select either manual bidding (where you set the bid amounts) or automatic bidding (let Google set bids to try to get the most clicks within your budget).
Pay-per-click is another name for CPC pricing (PPC).

Top 10 High CPC Keywords in India
Blog owners in India are attempting to make money using online advertising systems such as Google AdSense, Taboola, MGID, and others.

High CPC Keywords in India

Shorttail Keywords:

  • Insurance $59 CPC
  • Gas/Electricity $57 CPC
  • Loans $50 CPC
  • Mortgage $44 CPC
  • Attorney $48 CPC
  • Lawyer $43 CPC
  • Donate $42 CPC
  • Conference Call $42 CPC
  • Degree $40 CPC
  • Credit $38 CPC
  • Cryptocurrency $65 CPC
  • Treatment $37 CPC
  • Software $35 CPC
  • Classes $35 CPC
  • Recovery $34 CPC
  • Trading $33 CPC
  • Rehab $33 CPC
  • Hosting $31 CPC
  • Transfer $29 CPC
  • Cord Blood $27 CPC
  • Claim $25 CPC
  • Online Colleges $95.65
  • Online Classes $95.06
  • Online Courses $5.33
  • Best Online Courses $5.18

However, without knowing how to identify high CPC Keywords in 2023, it may be difficult to earn, particularly in a country like India. This is because India has one of the lowest Google AdSense CPC prices in the world.

Today, we’ll look at the top ten high or highest CPC keywords in India for 2023.
To begin, it’s important to remember that Google AdSense CPC differs per country. Certainly, most developed countries, such as the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and Canada, have the highest CPC or PPC rates right now.

If you missed it, here is a list of the nations with the highest Google AdSense CPC between 2022 and 2023.
India has one of the lowest CPC rates in the world. However, if you grasp the high CPC keywords in India, you can make a lot of money. Most individuals have asked us if AdSense is still a good investment in 2023.

Is AdSense still a lucrative business in 2023?
Yes, the answer is YES! AdSense is still a viable venture in 2023 and in the future. This is due to the fact that AdSense has been the best-paying affiliate marketing campaign for publishers all over the world for over ten years.

Keywords with the highest CPC in India in 2023
Lawyers, Online Courses and Colleges, and Insurance are the finest and highest earning CPC keywords for AdSense niches in India 2023.

Mortgages and Loans, Web Hosting in India, Credits, and Banks are also high CPC Keywords in India in 2023.

Top 10 High CPC Keywords in India for 2023