Why you’re job Application not Shortlisted by employer?

I have applied for a job at one of the institutions that advertised 100 vacancies but so far I have not been given a call to the interview and it is too late, what could be the reason? This is a question my friend asked me when we met at a training course.

It is the attitude of everyone who applies for a job in any institution with highest expectation of being called to the interview at a high percentage. Why? This is because we have reviewed the job advertisement and read it well enough to be confident that we have all the necessary criteria and sufficient experience.

Unfortunately some of us are not called to the interview which leads to a lot of speculation about what the problem is or the employer has already been hire someone else ,so he has just announced to fulfill the employment policy responsibilities.

The fact is that there are many reasons why you should not be called for an interview despite having the required criteria. The following are just a few basic reasons: –

First is being in a hurry to get a job which leads to failure to prepare  properly  your job application letter, sometimes you find someone uses a letter that was already used elsewhere to apply for a job in which he/she  fails or forgets to change its old address. As an employer manager makes me see that you are not careful in your job search and thus it worries me that you will not be careful in working.

The second thing is biography, many people spend a lot of time explaining their job responsibilities in their resume and failing to fully describe their success in this job, this  is a big problem for many job seekers. It is very important to describe what success you have achieved in your professional responsibilities or as a result of your responsibilities at work you have been able to achieve in your workplace. This gives the employer hope that you will bring him success if he hires you.

The third thing is to apply for a job that is not in line with your education and experience; I do not mean that you should not apply for those jobs but try to explain why you want to change the type of job.

The fourth thing is to have a profile so long that the person who is going through it despairs of continuing to look at your profile. In this world where the job market is difficult, Make sure you should have a short profile, the profile should be like a business posters or flyers, in a few words.

Another reason is few applications, let me give you the story of my close friend, he sent job applications to various institutions but he was keeping a record for every and each applications, he made 500 applications but 501 applications gave him a job. How many applications have you submitted so far?

It’s good to ensure that both summary of experience and achievement are placed at the fore page of your resume, because many employer have no enough time to go through in all pages of your resume because of the higher number of applications they receive.