Yanga Yaungana na Klabu Zingine za Ulaya Zilizomaliza Msimu Bila Kupoteza Hata Mechi Moja

Yanga Joins Other European Clubs That Ended The Season Without Losing A Single Match

Yanga won the 2021/222 Mainland Tanzania Premier League title and completed the season without losing any matches

In Europe, there are several clubs that preceded Yanga to do this big, Arsenal club being one of them

This article downloads a list of clubs that finished seasons without losing a single league match in various European countries

Tanzania Mainland Premier League champions Yanga completed the 2021/22 season without losing a single match, closing the season by beating Mtibwa Sugar 1-0 on Wednesday, June 29.

Denis Nkane scored the goal for the Yanga in the second half at the Benjamin Mkapa stadium in Dar es Salaam, Yanga, completing the season with the title that had gone to their rivals Simba for four years in a row.

AC Milan – (1991–92)

Under the coaching of Fabio Capello, AC Milan played 34 matches without losing a single match. Apart from winning the title, the team played 58 matches between 1991 and 1993 without being benched by anyone.

Arsenal – (2003-04)

Under coach Arsene Wenger, Arsenal won the Premier League title without losing a single match. For the 38 matches they played that season, the Gunners won 26 matches, drew 12 and did not lose any matches.

The unbeaten streak was threatened six games into the season, when Manchester United striker Ruud van Nistelrooy missed a penalty in injury time and the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

At the start of the new year, Arsenal won nine games by a stroke to secure first place.

Juventus – (2011-12)

Under the tutelage of their former captain and fan favorite Antonio Conte, Juventus finished the season without losing a single match. This being a record in the league of 20 teams in Italy.

They finished the season with 84 points, four points ahead of AC Milan and their unbeaten record was confirmed on the final day of the season when they beat Atalanta 3-1.

In total they won 23 matches, drew 15 times and did not lose a single match.

Celtic – (2016-17)

Celtic won three Scottish titles that season and played 47 matches in the country without losing a single one. For that they were labeled the “Invincibles”.

The Bhoys under the coaching of Brendan Rodgers, finished the season 38 games without losing a game and became the first team in the Scottish league to finish the season without relegation since the Rangers in the season 1898-99 (this season had only 18 games).

Rangers – (2020-21)

With a 4-0 win over Aberdeen on the final day of the season, Rangers completed the season without losing a game and became the first team since Celtic in the 2016/17 season to reach 100 points.

Under Liverpool manager Steven Gerrard, Rangers won all 19 of their away games at Ibrox, winning 32 games in total and drawing six.

They did not concede a single goal in 26 matches and in the 38 matches they played, they allowed only 13 goals.

Yanga – (2021-22)

After clinching their 28th league title on Saturday, June 25, the Wildcats had only one thing left – to finish the season without a loss.

Under coach Nasreddine Nabi Yanga beat Mtibwa Sugar 1-0 on the last day of the season.

The Nationals finished the season with 71 points, 11 points more than the number two Lions. Yanga won 21 matches, drew eight and did not lose a single match.