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Does your CV Getting You Interviews?  Land your next job, faster!

  • How many times have you been applying for jobs that you qualify for but don’t get invited for interviews?
  • Are you in a profession where they are many qualified applicants for the same job and you want to stand out?
  • Do you want to change careers and want a new CV to highlight this?
  • Is there a job you’ve identified and you’d like to apply and get an interview as it’s a job that suits you well?
  • Do you need a modern CV with the correct CV format, layout and all the information employers and recruiters look out for when shortlisting?
  • Are you feeling stuck in your current job and are looking for a new job?
  • Has it been years since you updated your CV? Are you applying for jobs with a CV you had many years ago?

If your answer is YES, for any of the above questions, then you need a professional CV that markets you by highlighting your unique qualifications, skills and expertise. A CV that will enable you to get a job faster!

For anyone taking their career seriously, having a professional CV is the best way to market yourself and to ensure that you stand out whenever you apply for that job.

CV Writing session

  • We have assisted many Tanzanian professionals get better jobs faster through our professional CV writing service.
  • A professional CV is a must-have for any job application process. It’s your only chance to demonstrate to a future employer that you are qualified for the job.
  • Standing out from the rest of the job applicants is vital – and our CV writing service will help you do just that. Invest in your career.

How does our professional CV writing service work?

  • Step 1.  Send your CV to [email protected] with a Subject “Review my CV”. If you wish to call CV writing department – Call Direct, please provide your number in your mail.
  • Step 2.  The team will study and review your CV for free and give you feedback on where your CV is falling short. Expect a call or email from us. The expert will also share with you the charges to re-write your CV afresh and how long it will take to get your new CV.
  • Step 3. Pay for the service using our Mpesa, Tgo pesa and Halopesa  or by visiting our office. Free parking is available. You can also pay through a secure bank transfer link. Get a new cv without leaving your desk.
  • Step 4.  Upon payment receipt. We start writing your new CV from scratch with a new modern look, adding all the relevant information that employers look for in a CV. We shall write for you a new CV that fits well with your sector or industry and the jobs that you are targeting.
  • Step 5. Receive your professional CV from us. Land your next job, faster!

 Are you targeting a specific job?

  • We will help you write a professional CV and cover letter for that job.

Imagine a NEW CV with a professional design and layout which acts as a marketing document, making you receive job offers faster!

The next step to being invited to interviews is to have a well-done CV. With our CV writing service, your skills, abilities, and experience will be well presented making you stand out and attractive to employers. Email us today or visit our office so we can start working on your CV.  Don’t allow your CV to let you down!

Frequently Asked CV Writing Questions

What information do I need to provide you?

  • Send us your current CV in Ms Word format. We shall use the old CV to come up with a new professional CV.

How long does it take to get a new CV

  • If you would like the team to work on your CV, Upon payment, you’ll get a new CV after three days.

What are your CV writing charges?

  • Charges are affordable and depend on your years of working experience.

Do I have to pay for CV writing to apply for your jobs?

  • You don’t have to subscribe to the CV writing service to apply for any of our jobs. Hiring is done on a competitive basis and the employers who are our clients have the final say on suitable candidates depending on their industry exposure, experience level, and salary expectation.

Can I request you to amend my CV after you’ve worked on it?

  • Yes, of course. After we email you the new CV. You can request us to amend the same for Free within the next 12hrs