How to Standing out in competitive employment market

Employment opportunity became very challenging now days especially for those who are fresh graduates, because they are so many and job opportunities are very few is a job market.

But it is the dream of all graduates, to be employed or self-employed after completing studies, so as to be able to use his/her education and talent’s to earn an income that will help him/her to meet basic needs as well as to bring development in the community.

But this dream gradually melts away when he finishes his studies and goes into the streets to seek life and sees that all he had hoped for was not available in time, which puts them in a great dilemma to accept employment challenges and build a better future for the next  generation.

However, young people who have graduated from school are more likely to be successful in employment or self-employment.

The fact is that the world is now changing, so young people who are studying should be aware of the opportunities that can help them become self-employed or employed after completing their studies. Don’t wait until you finish school then you start looking for life opportunity

Start when you are school, this will make it easier for you after graduation to get a job so that you can make the most of what you like. Keep in mind that the current job market is largely undermined by advances in science and technology, so it requires young people to be courageous and opportunity-seekers and skilled and creative to meet the challenges of today’s world.

You need to take time to learn what is going on in the job market now or in the future, this will help you to keep pace with the changing global job market. It will also give you a great insight into what is needed in the job market.

Is there a technology in the market place that needs to learn to increase my competitive position in the job market? The more you learn the more it helps you to integrate your mind and be creative in the job market. With this brief introduction, I would like today to talk about at least some of the things that can help graduates succeed in the job market.

Networking: Even before you graduate start to make friends with people who you think may be important to you in achieving your goals in terms of employment as well.

The world has changed because so many people now work to get to know each other and trust each other. In fact, your network will help you to meet people with different abilities and skills that can be an opportunity for you to get a job after graduation.

Volunteering:  volunteering in a various social activities while studying are another way to prepare to enter the job market. There are various programs offered by institutions and non-governmental organizations that provide opportunities for young people in schools or colleges to do community service free of charge.

Through these programs you will gain a lot of work experience even when you finish your studies it helps you to get a job easily because you already have experience of performing tasks fully.

Professional Development: The purpose of college education is to prepare you for employment or self-employment. If so, start doing your own thing based on the profession you are currently studying.

Participating in development programs:  While young people in college prepare to enter the job market, the government, along with education stakeholders, also has a role to play in preparing them for skills and knowledge.

Skills and development programs run by various institutions can help young people identify their talents and creative potential for technological solutions and challenges in society.

Programs like these allow young people to integrate technical skills and life skills that help them gain an understanding of various leadership and financial issues.

In conclusion there is a need to go through the education curriculum in general to put it in a system that helps the student to have a sense of self-confidence and self-reliance even after completing his or her higher education. These curricula are best aimed at empowering students practically and teaching them to adhere to work ethic in order to increase competition in the job market.

Young man the future of your life is in your hands, look for every opportunity in front of you because the job market is competitive and the strong are the ones who win and succeed

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