Why social media professional group is important

As an educated and professional people social media group is important apart from the life updates we get from it but also the life opportunities are updated there by different people such opportunities can be jobs, business issues available.

According to the latest Robert Walters White Paper ‘Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process’ illustrates the benefits of networking on professional social media sites and provides reasons why being involved in these communities may be important to your career progression.

Professional social networking groups provide the opportunity to connect with peers and industry leader, share information and support your professional development.

As a professional you will be expected to keep up to date with the latest news and trends impacting both your profession and the organisation you work for.

What were the results?
Results revealed that over 79% of job seekers felt that singing up to networks or professional groups devoted to particular business sectors was important to their career progression.
Across the respondents, the most common reason for registering with these groups (cited by 58%) is to gain intelligence on the market. They are also seen as the ideal platform for discussing trends, interacting with the like-minded professionals, job-hunting and ascertaining the identities of key players in the market.

Among job seekers, a Linkedin profile is perceived as the most important of social media channels, with the 87% of survey respondents holding membership to this site, more than 75% who held a Facebook profile, and the 46% having an Twitter account.

Overall, both job seekers and employers agreed that there is a difference between professional and personal social network platforms. Over 92% of job seekers and 75% of employers believe that Facebook and Twitter should be regarded as personal and not professional platforms.

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