Common interview Question (Why should we hire you?)

The interviewer wants to know, what makes you the best fit for this position? The best way to respond is to give concrete examples of why your skills and accomplishments make you the best candidate for the job.

After all, the whole interview process is about answering this question.

You need to sell yourself, so the more detail you give, the better your answer will be. This is not a time to talk about what you want.

 Rather, it is a time to outline your accomplishments and relate what makes you best from other candidates.

Key Tips:

  • Don’t exaggerate too much about yourself.
  • Focus on your education, work experience, skills, aptitudes and abilities which differentiate you from your competitors.
  • Before facing the job interview, you should have a general sense of how to communicate. Please check out some of the tips on “GENERAL TIPS” Section in the menu left to your mobile screen.
  • Your answer should be targeted towards interviewers’ expectations, not your personal needs.
  • Avoid highlighting the points like:  I need money, I need promotion, I need job, I want to work in the best location, I’ve always been interested in your work or company, etc.
  • Emphasize Your Knowledge and Experience to Demonstrate Your Value.
  • Don’t just highlight the points or simply rattle off the bullet points listed in the job description. Explain your main qualities in detail.


You should hire me because i believe that I can be a well fit person in a team work and can help to grow the standard of company and myself, through my skills, experience and qualification.

 I think that my experience in this industry and my ability to work autonomously make me a good match for this position.

I have the ability to stay focused in stressful situations at the same time I can make strategic solution through my problem solving skill.

 Besides, I am confident, energetic, work ethic and hardworking which would be good traits to be an employee of your reputed company.

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