Cost of Health Insurance in Australia for International Students

Cost of Health Insurance in Australia for International Students

Do you having a plan to study in Australia and you are looking for how you can get information about the cost of health insurance for foreigner students. In this piece of content you will find all you need regarding cost of heath insurance for international students in Australia

If you are pursuing your higher education in Australia, then it is a necessity that you hold adequate health insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia as an international student.

It is believed that medical costs are slightly higher in Australia. Hence, in order to meet your ends in emergency situations, you must obtain the mandatory Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and keep the policy up to date along with your student visa. 

Here’s everything you need to know about cost of health insurance in Australia for international students, including its benefits.

What is OSHC And What Are Its Benefits?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) helps international students pay for medical and hospital care while studying in Australia and includes emergency services and limited pharmaceuticals.

OSHC does not cover general treatment (ancillary or extras coverage), such as dental, optical, or physiotherapy. If you need coverage for these treatments, you can get Extras OSHC from an OSHC provider or general treatment coverage from any Australian private health insurer.

You can also choose to supplement your OSHC coverage with other insurance, such as international travel insurance. Currently, Overseas student health cover also includes coverage for Coronavirus (COVID-19)-related illnesses, primarily in the clinical categories “Lung and chest,” “Kidney and bladder,” and “Dialysis for chronic kidney failure.”

The Overseas Student Health Cover provides only limited benefits for pharmaceuticals, with a maximum of $300 per year for a single membership ($600 for a family membership). If you require pharmaceutical treatment, particularly Oncology (cancer) treatment, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, you may face significant out-of-pocket expenses for international students in Australia.

Overseas Student Health Cover Providers

Certain insurers offer health insurance for international students in Australia as part of a ‘Deed of Agreement’ with the Department of Health in order to provide adequate health insurance to students at a reasonable cost. Few registered health insurers that provide Overseas Student Health Cover in Australia are ahm Health Insurance, Bupa, Medibank, nib and Allianz Global Assistance for international students to study in Australia.

Cost of Overseas Student Health Cover

Insurance ProviderAnnual Price of the Cover
ahm Health Cover$478
Allianz Global Assistance$529

An Overview:

  • The OSHC covers ambulance services including medical and hospital treatment.
  • An Overseas student health cover is required to receive a student visa and it is mandatory.
  • OSHC providers provide benefits that are significant compared to the Medicare Benefits Schedule as stated by the Australian Department of Health.
  • Overseas student health cover plans also include clauses for pharmacy-purchased medications.
  • International Students have the freedom to purchase plans based on their requirements and budget. 

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