Form two National Assessment-FTNA Results 2022/2023

FTNA Results 2022/2023

There will be one (1) paper of 2:30 hours duration. The paper will consist of three (3) sections A, B and C with a total of ten (10) questions. Students will be required to answer all questions from sections A and B and two (2)
questions from section C. FTNA Results 2022/2023 Form Two 2022

Section A will comprise four (4) questions set from various topics. Question 1
will comprise ten (10) multiple–choice items, question 2 will comprise ten (10) matching items, question 3 will comprise ten (10) True and False items and in question 4 the students will be required to give a brief descriptions on five (5) historical terms. Each question will carry ten (10) marks making a total of forty (40) marks in this section.

Section B will consist of three (3) questions set from various topics. Question 5 will comprise five (5) historical statements of which the students will be required to arrange them in a chronological order. Question 6 will have five
(5) items in which the students will be required to fill in the blanks. FTNA Results 2022/2023 Form Two 2022

In question 7 the students will be required to identify/determine/interpret five (5) historical places or events on a given sketch map/chart/drawing/picture/photograph. Each question will carry ten (10) marks making a total of thirty (30) marks in this section.

Section C will comprise three (3) essay questions derived from various topics. The students will be required to answer only two (2) questions from this section. Each question will carry fifteen (15) marks making a total of thirty (30) marks in this section.FTNA Results 2022/2023 Form Two 2022


The following topics will be assessed:
5.1.1 Sources and Importance of Studying History.
5.1.2 Evolution of Man, Technology and Environment.
5.1.3 Development of Economic Activities and their Impact.

5.1.4 Development of Social and Political Systems.
5.1.5 Interactions among the People of Africa.
5.1.6 Social–Economic Development and Production in Pre–colonial Africa.
5.1.7 Africa and the External World.
5.1.8 Industrial Capitalism.


The Geography assessment format for the Form Two National Assessment
(FTNA) covers the Form One and Form Two topics of the Geography
Syllabus for Secondary Schools which was issued in 2005 and revised in 2010.
The Geography form two assessment is a formative evaluation, which aims at
measuring the students’ educational attainment of the specified competences
learnt in their two years of Secondary Education.

The assessment will measure the extent to which the students can:
2.1 interpret the concept of Geography, the solar system and its related
2.2 illustrate and differentiate physical components of the earth.
2.3 attain skills of observation, measuring, recording and interpreting
geographical phenomena.
2.4 identify major types of human activities.

The assessment will test students’ ability to:
3.1 explain the concept of Geography, its area of study and the aspects
related to solar system.
3.2 identify the parts and physical components of the earth.
3.3 observe, read, record, measure, calculate, analyse and interpret the
elements of weather, climate and information on simple topographical
3.4 relate climate to the environment and use conservation skills to protect
the environment from environmental hazards caused by social and
economic activities.
3.5 explain the sustainable ways of utilizing natural resources.

3.6 identify the types, characteristics, importance and problems of social
and economic activities and their relationship with climate.
There will be one (1) paper of 2:30 hours duration. The paper will comprise a
total of ten (10) questions in sections A, B and C. Students will be required to
answer all questions in sections A and B and two (2) questions from section C.

4.1 Section A: This section will consist of three (3) questions set from various topics. Question one (1) will consist of ten (10) multiple choice items, question two (2) will consist of five (5) matching items and question three (3) will consist of ten (10) True/False items. Each item in question 1, 2 and 3 will weigh one (1) mark. The whole section will carry twenty five (25) marks.
4.2 Section B: This section will consist of three (3) short answers questions (Question 4, 5 and 6). Question 4 and 5 will be set from Human Geography and Physical Geography topics, which will weigh fifteen (15) marks each.

Question 6 will be set from Map Work topic
which will weigh fifteen (15) marks. The whole section will weigh a
total of forty five (45) marks.

4.3 Section C:

This section will consist of four (4) essay questions (Question 7, 8, 9 and 10) which will be set from Human Geography.Students will be required to answer two (2) questions from this section. Each question will weigh fifteen (15) marks. The whole section will weigh a total of thirty (30) marks.

The following topics will be assessed:
5.1 Concept of Geography
5.2 The Solar System
5.3 Major Features of the Earth’s Surface
5.4 Weather
5.5 Climate
5.6 Map Work
5.7 Agriculture

5.8 Water Management for Economic Development
5.9 Sustainable Use of Forest Resources
5.10 Sustainable Mining
5.11 Tourism
5.12 Manufacturing Industry
5.13 Sustainable Use of Power and Energy Resources
5.14 Transport.


The Bible Knowledge assessment format for Form Two National Assessment
(FTNA) covers the Form I and Form II topics derived from the Bible
Knowledge Syllabus for Secondary Schools which was issued in 2012. The
Bible Knowledge form two assessment is a formative evaluation, which aims
at measuring the students’ educational attainment of the specified
competences learnt in two years of Secondary Education.

The Bible Knowledge assessment is intended to find out to what extent
students can:
2.1 Understand the biblical stories, quotations, places, persons and occasion
of the statements.
2.2 Narrate biblical stories and events taken from their selected texts.
2.3 Use the knowledge gained from the Bible to protect and preserve
human dignity and environment.
2.4 Apply biblical information and teachings in order to improve social,
cultural, political, economic and technological life in Tanzania.

The Bible Knowledge assessment questions will test students’ ability to:
3.1 Demonstrate knowledge of Biblical quotations regarding the
speaker/addressee, context/occasion, and ability to bring some
interpretation and comments.
3.2 Narrate biblical stories and events taken from their selected texts as a
means to make other people know the Bible.
3.3 Demonstrate ability to apply biblical instructions and teaching in
protection and preservation of human dignity and environment and
ability to admit the mistakes they make and accept the responsibility.
3.4 Apply biblical information and teachings in order to improve social,
cultural, political, economic and technological life in Tanzania.

There will be one (1) paper which will comprise eight (8) questions in
sections A, B, C and D. Students will be required to answer all questions from sections A, B and C and only one (1) question from section D. The duration for the paper will be 2:30 hours.
4.1 Section A will consist of two (2) questions (question 1 and 2) set from
various topics. Question 1 will consist of ten (10) multiple–choice items
carrying a total of ten (10) marks. Question 2 will consist of ten (10) matching items from any of the topics carrying ten (10) marks. This section will carry twenty (20) marks.

4.2 Section B will consist of two (2) questions (question 3 and 4) each question set from a different topic. Question 3 will consist of ten (10) True/False items set from one topic. Question 4 will consist of ten (10) items in which the students will be required to fill in the blanks. The students will be given a list of fifteen (15) words/phrases to choose as responses to fill in the given blanks. Each question will carry ten (10) marks. This section will carry twenty (20) marks.

4.3 Section C will consist of two (2) questions (question 5 and 6) each question set from a different topic. Question 5 will consist of ten (10) short answer items set from one topic. Each item will carry two (2)
marks making a total of twenty (20) marks. In question 6 the students will be required to write short description of five biblical places/persons/concepts/themes from one topic. The question will carry twenty (20) marks. This section will carry forty (40) marks.

4.4 Section D will consist of two (2) essay questions set from different topics. Students will be required to answer one (1) question. This section will carry twenty (20) marks.
The following topics will be assessed:
5.1 Creation
5.2 The fall and its outcome
5.3 Life of Abraham
5.4 The Sons of Isaac
5.5 The Hebrews in Egypt
5.6 Israelites’ journey through the desert
5.7 Israel under the leadership of Joshua
5.8 Israel under the leadership of Judges. FTNA Results 2022/2023 Form Two 20