Interview Tips|what is the best way to dress for a job interview?

Always people says first impression matter so dressing for an interview can be tricky, especially when you are uncertain of the dress code of your prospective place of work.

Some companies have a set dress code, or even a uniform, whereas others are far more relaxed. In order to decide what the best way to dress for your interview is, you need to determine what appropriate office attire is.

Either look at what other people are wearing to work, or ask currently employees, or ask friends whom work in similar environments.

Some job interviews will not require you to wear particularly formal clothes, but it will count in your favour to dress more on the side of smart casual than casual.

For an informal interview, a darker wash pair of jeans, a smart shirt, and polished shoes with the appropriate accessories would be perfect.

For a more formal interview, a suit of some description with dress shoes will be the ideal choice. In my own experience, it is better to go into your interview slightly overdressed than underdressed as this tells your employer that you take yourself seriously, and take pride in your appearance.

Arriving in inappropriate work attire is a very clear message to your prospective employer that you are under-prepared for your interview, or that you could not be bothered to dress appropriately. Either interpretation is disastrous and could potentially cost you in the long-run.

When in doubt, steer to a slightly more formal option but not overly done. Rather be overdressed than sloppy. If anything your employer will read this as a sign of you taking pride in your appearance and wanting to present the best possible side of yourself.

I hope this explanation on interview-appropriate attire has been useful, and that you will find dressing for your next interview a much simpler task! If you want to read further, I highly recommend Steve Williams’ “The Successful Interview” as I personally found it very helpful.