Jobs interview Tips: What type of people do you find it difficult to work with?

Jobs interview Tips:

This is one of the tough interview questions which are supposed to challenge job candidates and make them think on their feet. Interview is trying to determine your decision-making skills.

This question depends on the type of company it is. If it is a start-up company or within a highly-competitive industry, then they are probably looking for those more willing to take risks.

 What the interviewer is really looking for is to assess what your attitude is to taking risks.

Taking risks can be part of any job, yet employers are typically looking for candidates who take manageable risks rather than extreme risks, but do not consider that interview is looking for a high risk taker. Your answer will depend on exactly what the job is that you are applying for.

 You should also make some mention of your decision-making capabilities, because being prepared to take calculated risks is, ultimately, a form of decision-making.

Key Tips:

  • If you choose to answer saying you are a risk taker, you should include why and how you take risks
  • You don’t have to use the dynamite example. You can think of any other example
  • Make some mention of your decision-making capabilities.

Simple Answer:

 I believe that not taking risks in life is indeed a great risk because I know what are the possible things that will happen if I give it a try and learned about it. So, I always prefer to take risk.

Answer 2: I see myself as a risk taker. But before taking the risk, I always evaluates all other options, weigh the pros and cons of success and failure, and after careful consideration, I would definitely take a risk if the rewards were high enough.

 I view staying away from risks similar to staying away from a gold mine surrounded by dynamite. Of course if you don’t know what triggers the dynamite, it would be unwise to take that risk.

But if you study the situation and know the location of all dynamite and the way they are triggered, then the risk is minimized.

Some people would not explore the options to reduce the risk, but I would definitely study each situation and take a risk that would improve my personal or company’s situation.

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