International volunteering internship

International volunteering internship

Art in Tanzania has been performing international volunteering and internship programs since 1996. We commonly have 15-40 participants at our compound at Madale village all year round. In addition, we work with 400+ universities throughout the world.


Participating in our community programs helps Africa develop, giving you a life-lasting experience, make new friends, and encounter the beauty of African nature.

Internship Job opportunity Tanzania


We currently support village dispensaries and larger hospitals to conduct physical therapy care for the community; here, you would work alongside local professionals to provide much-needed assistance.

Internships and Volunteering Job Opportunity in Tanzania

Environmental Advocacy

Art in Tanzania’s Environmental Advocacy internship encourages students to engage in sustainable community work, raise awareness of the environment and climate change, and be innovative in developing practical solutions to combat environmental concerns

Volunteer and Internship Opportunities

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