A welcoming and stunning country, Tanzania is a brilliant destination for internships. The country has a wealth of natural beauty, with highlights being the Serengeti, the Ngorongoro Crater, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the tropical island of Zanzibar. It’s rich in wildlife, and offers incredible wilderness experience. Moreover, Tanzania is rich with vibrant cultures.

In this exciting setting, we offer a variety of internships. Whether you are looking for a nonprofit internship in communications, marketing or fundraising, we have an opportunity for you in Tanzania.

You will gain valuable working experience and make an impact at the same time. All organizations are involved in ethical and sustainable practices. They add valuable contributions towards community programs, conservation efforts or local and green economies.


internships in Zanzibar


Just off the coast of Tanzania, in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, is Zanzibar. This island conjures up images of white sandy beaches, lined with palm trees, and colourful boats rocking in the water. It’s a brilliant place for snorkelling, scuba diving, or exploring the blue-green waters on boat trips around the island – and don’t be surprised if dolphins will accompany you alongside your boat. Besides being a tropical paradise, Zanzibar also offers a colourful blend of colours and spices, as it’s had a fascinating mix of cultural influences in its rich history. Stone Town, the island’s largest city, offers wondrous walks through its narrow alleyways, colourful markets, and restaurants with unique local cuisines.

Did you know that kitesurfing is popular in Zanzibar? The warm waters of the Indian Ocean combined with winds that both beginners and advanced kitesurfers can enjoy make it the perfect place to try it out!

Doing an internship in Zanzibar is a true adventure. We are excited to offer internships with a grassroots nonprofit, so that you can gain hands on experience in NGO management. Our partner is located in one of the small beach towns on the East coast of the island, so there will be plenty of time to spend at the beach and ocean during your charity internship in Zanzibar.

internships in Moshi


You can join us for an internship in Moshi, Tanzania. Situated in the north of the country, near the Kenyan border, Moshi is a welcoming town in the midst of a major coffee-growing region. But it’s mostly known for its spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro, as it sits at the foot of this famous giant. From Moshi, many travellers venture into Kilimanjaro National Park, on trails that run through stunning natural areas.
In this phenomenal setting, you can join us for a nonprofit internship. As part of a social development charity, you can either focus on nonprofit management or on gender equality programs. Either way, these internships in Tanzania offer a unique and rewarding learning experience, as well as an exciting adventure.

Nonprofit management internship


Female Empowerment Internship – in a gender equality internship you will be supporting teenage girls and working to close prevailing gender gaps. A female empowerment internship is an opportunity to learn about gender equality issues in an African context, to get an in-depth understanding of the nonprofit sector, and to contribute to a worthwhile cause. You’ll be able to help facilitate projects on the ground, and work behind the scenes on fundraising, reporting, communications, and related areas.

Nonprofit Management Internship – an internship in NGO Management offers a unique chance to get a well-rounded knowledge base of what it’s like to manage a nonprofit organization. You will get a chance to be involved in most aspects of the organization, from fundraising to project management to marketing and communications. There is no better way to get work experience in the nonprofit industry than by doing an internship with a small, grassroots NGO in Africa.

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