Things to Consider before join Master Degree

The number of graduates from university are increased day after day, but unfortunately the situation of employment is tight so some of us we opt to continue with father studies (Master Degree) either in local or international universities. Many students wish to study Business because this can open a world of possibilities, to succeed in the global job market you’ll need to learn how to stand out among the crowds of students graduating each year.

I’ve seen that there are many different motivators that drive students to attain a Masters degree. However, one exciting commonality of today’s cohorts is how they strive for impact. The youth of today really are breaking boundaries, actively developing technologies and ideas, and implementing change. A curriculum only goes so far; to create impact, you’ll need to amass experiences, both inside and outside the classroom.

My advice to any student looking for their “perfect” grad school is to get to know its values. At Hult, we want to deliver a business school experience that goes beyond business; our students learn about the world, about the future, and importantly, about themselves, to give them the edge in a fast-paced job market.

A grade doesn’t sell you, your skills do.
The content of a degree alone is not enough. Knowing how to apply that knowledge and deal with real-life business situations is of increasing importance to employers. For students looking to study a degree in international business, here are my top things to consider:

  1. Location
    It’s important to factor in gaining market experience. Choose a city, or multiple cities, that can open opportunities for you and your future job choice. On a personal level too, the chance to travel can be transformative.
  2. The student body
    A global experience isn’t just where you live, but who you learn from. Studying alongside students from all over the world will equip you with the awareness and know-how needed for an international career.
  3. Alumni
    Alums are a great representation of a school. Do your research and see where they’ve landed. Here at Hult we often put students in touch with alumni, so they can hear their experiences firsthand, and form vital connections within the industry.
  4. Diversity of professors
    Who will actually be teaching you? Learning from professors with varied backgrounds, and who have real professional experience, is the best way to learn. You get the theory alongside real, practical examples.
  5. Social activities
    The student experience isn’t just about the classroom. The best way to boost your CV is to show that you made the most out of your time – from participating in hackathons, starting up a club, and attending events on campus.
  6. School spirit
    Choose a school where you’re more than just a number. Achievements are borne of the effort you put in; a school that recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit and an attitude to change will support you in your journey to success.

Choosing a Masters degree is a big decision, but a hugely exciting one. Do the research, ask questions – we’re here to help – and before you know it, you’ll be fully set on your career path.