Why do you want to leave your current job?

This also is among the technical question many candidates fail to respond properly, but if you are reading this article believe without any doubt you’re going to solve this issue permanently.

Once employer asking you this kind of question, note that he/she want to extract your working relationship or work health of your previous job.

Remember that:  The interviewer is not looking for any drawbacks on you that could make them regret in the future.

Remember, the interviewer does not know your previous manager or fellow employees, so make sure that you don’t highlight any negative remarks of your past employer. 

Focus on the new opportunities and new challenges striking on your way to develop your professional career. 

General strategies:

  • Try your best to refrain from being negative.
  • Emphasize the opportunities and challenges that this role will provide. 
  • Everyone wants to earn more but don’t make a reason that you want to earn more money.
  • Don’t make any negative remarks about your past or present manager, your fellow employees, or the company you are working for.
  • Don’t answer that I wasn’t being challenged.
  • Backup your answer with some positive outcomes.

Sample Answer:  

For the last two years i have been working in ABC Company as a Web Developer. I do enjoy working at my current job.

 And, while it was a great learning experience and I enjoyed contributing to the team. However, advancement opportunities are scarce at my current job.

 Now, I’m looking for more responsibility with new and fresh challenges to keep my career continually moving in a forward direction.

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