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IMA World Health (IMA) is a member of Corus International, a consortium of organizations working together to deliver holistic, durable solutions to the interconnected challenges of poverty, poor health outcomes, and climate change. Established in 1960, IMA has a long history of successfully collaborating with governments, faith-based organizations, national partners, and the private sector to provide quality healthcare for the most vulnerable. Today, IMA builds the capacities of local partners and governments to strengthen existing health systems, prevent and treat diseases, improve maternal and child health, promote nutrition and WASH, respond to sexual and gender-based violence, and contribute to global health security.

IMA manages an average of $100 million annually and has worked with a wide range of key donors, including USAID, MCC, FCDO (formerly DFID), UNICEF, UNFPA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank

In Tanzania, Corus member organizations bring a strong programmatic history dating back to 1965, and IMA’s current work in Tanzania reflects an expanding, comprehensive public health program with deep-rooted partnerships that have addressed wide-ranging challenges such as NTDs; nutrition and WASH; cervical cancer; HIV prevention and treatment; and maternal and child health

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