A prolific industrial job seeker

A prolific industrial job seeker

Hello there, I wonderful take this chance to delightful deliver this short message to Industrial engineers whose interest belongs to production line as well as that of quality assurance on the production scheme.

The aim of crafting this message is to provide my statement of intent, which justify my passionate willing of serving industrial position based upon (production line management or quality assurance).

Final notice to all HR`s is that.

I will always be grateful for any kind of help including that of keep me in touch with various industrial production engineers who will suffice and accomplish this divine task.

For more information you can view my CV below (just check out the link below or on application instruction).


Application deadline 2022-10-30 Business / Employer name Kemilembe Msofe Company Industry Manufacturing

Job Level Graduate trainee Work Type Other Minimum Qualification

Bachelor Years of Experience: 2 years

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