Matokeo Awamu ya Pili-NACTE SECOND SELECTION 2022/2023

Matokeo Awamu ya Pili-NACTE SECOND SELECTION 2022/2023


The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a legal entity created by the National Council for Technical Education Act of 1997. (Act No. 9 of 1997). The Act establishes a legal framework for the Council to coordinate technical education and training provision and to establish an efficient national qualifications system to ensure that products from technical institutions are of high quality and respond to changing needs as well as technological innovations around the world.

In this context, technical education is described as “education and training conducted by students to prepare them to play positions demanding greater levels of skills, knowledge, and understanding, and in which they accept responsibility for their areas of expertise.” NACTE is therefore a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral agency tasked with overseeing and coordinating technical education and training supply in Tanzania.

How do I get my NACTE certificate?

All applicants shall submit application through online system known as Foreign Awards Evaluation System (FAES) by browsing NACTE website ( and provide personal details that will enable the Council to identify individuals and their details accordingly.

How should I pay for my NACTE transcript?

M-PESA is the preferred method of payment.
Dial *150*00#
Choose 4. Payments.
Enter the company’s phone number (607070)
Enter the reference number ( 1234)
Enter the amount (for example, 10,000/=).
Enter your PIN.
To confirm, press 1:

How can I get equivalent certificate in Tanzania?

(i) Find Application Form from NECTA’s website ( Click Forms/Equivalence then Application form for equivalence certificates. (ii) Fill it in Capital Letters. (iii) Make Payment of Tshs.

Registration Procedure and Guidelines


The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) is a statutory body established by Act of Parliament Cap. 129 to oversee and coordinate provision of technical education in Tanzania provided by non-university tertiary institutions. Section 5(1) (a) of the National Council for Technical Education Act, 1997 empowers the Council to register and accredit Technical Institutions capable of delivering courses Registration is mandatory (registration Regulations) (government notice No. 279 published on 26/10/2001)

NACTE therefore deals with many disciplines and sectors. The Council has clustered the various technical fields into three subject areas and establish a Subject Board to handle each subject area. The three subject area and their corresponding subject Boards are: –

  • Business, Tourism and Planning (BTP)
  • Health and Allied Sciences (HAS)
  • Science and Allied Technologies (SAT)

Registration Requirements

Any institution applying for registration has to meet the following requirements: –

  1. Provide evidence that the proposed institutions meets the legal requirements for establishment of the same. This means being in possession of a document showing the establishment and ownership of the institution such as Constitutions; Charter; Article of Association; and Business license (where applicable)
  2. The applicant institution should also provide evidence of the extent to which the institution is viable to deliver training programmes, that is its ability to provide the intended training.

To ensure this the following should be availed to NACTE:-

  • Curriculum for the intended programme approved by NACTE (i.e. market oriented competence – based curriculum, modular in format)
  • Master plan of the institutions; evidences of sources of funding other than students’ fees.
  • Adequate infrastructure, human, physical and financial resources.
  • Evidence of physical structure development or hire of premises.
  • Evidence of procuring and /or plans for acquiring equipment and learning materials.
  • Organizational structure of the institutions and
  • Name and CV of Chief Executive officer (CEO)

Registration awards 

The registration of a technical institution is granted under the following categories;

  1. Full registration: Granted to institutions that are fully operational and have acquired enough experience, human, physical and financial resources to ensure sustainability for running its programmes.
  2. Provisional registration: Granted to institutions have resources (human, physical and financial) of the first two years of the programmes duration of three or more
  3. Preparatory registration: Granted to institution that is still under preparation of establishment and are not allowed to admit students.

Registration process

These are the procedures used by the council in registration process of technical institutions: –

  1. Applicant institution request NACTE to register a technical institution by official letter;
  2. Applicant institution Fill-in the NACTE “Form for registration of technical intuitions”
  3. Attach the relevant documents as pe (2) above and others identified in the form and
  4. Submit the request to NACTE. Then
  5. NACTE verify the application submitted by applicant institution;
  6. NACTE appoints experts from the relevant occupational field as verification team for the physical verification of the applicant institution
  7. The Council inform the applicant institution about the physical verification by official letter
  8. The verification team submits report to the relevant subject board for recommending the registration stage.
  9. The subject board submits reports to the Council for decision; NACTE inform the applicant institution on the decision of the Council by official letter;
  10. NACTE grants registration certificate upon receiving registration fee.

NB: An institution may have its application for registration deferred or rejected if it does not satisfy the registration requirements for any of the three awards or offers programmes that are lower than those falling under the ambit of NACTE.

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